1, 2, 3 by Eleanor

“You alright?” I ask while quickly squeezing his thigh, which has been nervously bouncing against mine for the past half hour.

“Yeah,” he smiles back at me, taking a deep breath that stills his body as if he has only just realised the manic movement that hasn’t stopped since we arrived at the bar.

I laugh and tilt my head towards his shoulder, breathing in the cinnamon spice of his aftershave, before depositing a quick kiss. I was probably this nervous on our first date too, a couple of years ago now. But dating as a couple, and his first date with a man will definitely add another layer of jitters.

Our date returns to the booth with a fresh round of drinks and the excited getting-to-know-you chat continues. Eventually, the effects of the extra liquor take hold on all of us and we begin to relax into the usual putting-the-world-to-rights talk that inevitably occurs when you sit a bunch of lefties around a table.

Both of them are intellectuals who maintain that classic male ability to quickly form arguments on any topic, no matter how little they actually know about it, while I prefer to take my time to mull over points whilst occasionally interjecting.

However, I’m more than happy placed as the voyeur of these heated debates. The talk is at turns playful and passionate, and I watch as the two of them lean in closer, pupils dilating in the candlelight. I notice their body language mirroring one another on either side of me, and begin to imagine the perfect synchronicity of their similar builds pressed against my front and back.

Becoming briefly lost in this fantasy, a pulsing begins between my legs and I bite down on my lower lip.

Time to move things along.

I step in as mediator, putting a hand on each knee and neatly summing up their most recent points and why, let’s face it, both of them are right at the end of the day.

They laugh, leaning closer into me so all our faces are inches apart. There are nervous glances and more lip biting while I quietly ask, “Shall we get a taxi back to mine?”

Two very enthusiastic nods, one bill split three ways, and a ten-minute taxi ride later; we are all sat on my very cosy two-seater sofa.

Our date is in the middle with my partner’s arm over his shoulder and my legs draped over both of theirs. This particular threesome formula is a first for all of us so we set down the ground rules.

We briefly go over the definite no’s before spending a beautifully long time talking about everything that we’d like to try- if not now then maybe in the future. It’s painfully erotic listening to them both confess their fantasies, and submitting my own as well, and I can tell how excited we are all becoming. Our hands run over every limb, stroking through hair, and gently caressing ears and necks.

Talking stops when our date trails off in the middle of a sentence, too distracted by my boyfriend’s hand on his crotch, teasing over the top of his jeans, while he stares at my lips. One of my feet has been snaking its way up and down my boyfriend’s leg and I now begin circling his crotch with my pointed toes. I make eye contact with my boyfriend, who grins back at me, and I take this as encouragement to grasp the back of our dates neck and pull his lips towards mine.

I stop, millimeters away, and he lets out a moan. Instead of lips, I place my thumb against his mouth, slowly running the nail across his pouting lower lip. My boyfriend comes in close too, nibbling our dates ear and causing him to let out a gasp while his eyelids close. I shift so I’m straddling across a thigh of each of them and begin undoing the buttons of my dress.

My boyfriend continues working his tongue and lips against the other man’s neck while his hand runs up my thigh before grabbing my ass. He pulls back and then spanks me hard.


The throb of pleasure in my cunt is too much. I launch forward, pressing my lips hard against the open mouth of our date, and gripping a handful of each man’s hair at the back of their heads.

I work southwards, licking and kissing down our dates chest. When I look up I see that my mouth has been replaced by my boyfriend’s on his, and the two are eagerly sucking at each other’s lips and tongues. Unable to resist, I place a hand over each man’s crotch and feel the satisfying bulge of their hard cocks.

I slip onto the floor at their feet and begin to undo their jeans, one at a time. I manage to free my partner’s cock first and begin to stroke him the way I know he loves. I look up and catch the eye of our date who is staring hungrily at the other cock.

Almost as if he can’t control himself, he slowly slips his hand into his briefs and begins tugging on his own cock. I lean forward, continuing to pleasure my boyfriend with one hand, and press my face against our dates crotch. I inhale deeply before biting down on his clenched knuckles through the fabric of his boxer shorts.

Another gasp as he releases his cock, freeing it from the waistband of his briefs and pulling them as far down as they will go. With my free hand, I grip his base and pull the tip towards my mouth, circling it with my tongue.

Before I can take him fully into my mouth, my boyfriend joins me on the floor, his tongue hesitantly licking against mine. Droplets of pre-cum begin to form on the tip of our dates cock, and as he tastes this my boyfriend’s licks become more insistent. I move back and allow him to wrap his lips around the end, slowly taking it further into his mouth as a low groan ripples from his throat.

I’m pleased by his enthusiasm and begin stroking his cock fast, my grip tight around it. His moaning becomes louder and his head moves quickly up and down. Our date lets out a low, “fuck…” and grabs my boyfriend by the back of his hair, thrusting his cock deep into the other’s mouth.

At this I join our date back on the sofa and push my tongue into his mouth, leaning over my boyfriend’s head. The other man’s hands are eager, stroking over my curves before pulling the lace cups of my bra down to expose my breasts.

His fingers begin circling in on my nipples, slowly but confidently, and with a pinch, I gasp but then bite down on his lower lip. His hands now in my hair, he pulls my head back with a teasing smile then pushes me downwards towards my kneeling boyfriend.

He releases the other man’s cock from his mouth and receives my lips instead. Our tongues circle each other’s and I feel myself becoming unbearably wet at the taste of another man on him.

Straightening up I just about manage to catch my breath enough to ask if they want to move this upstairs to the bedroom. As they both nod their assent I spring from the sofa, sprinting upstairs. Both men catch on quickly and I hear their deep laughs following close behind.

My boyfriend is the first to catch me, just as I reach the doorway to the bedroom. He presses me against the wall before spinning me round, my back flush with his chest. His hands reach down and find my clitoris which he begins gently massaging. Our date has now joined us and he advances forward, taking my chin in one hand to raise my mouth to his.

I feel his other hand snake behind me, in between the bodies of my boyfriend and I, and soon his knuckles are grazing the small of my back as he strokes my boyfriends cock between the two of us.

Their heavy breathing and groans sound in both my ears and I become frantic, grabbing both of them and trying to pull them as close as possible to me. My boyfriend’s rubbing on my clit becomes intense and the beginnings of muscle contractions start as I grind myself against his hand.

His voice is husky as he laughs and says, “I think she wants something,” to our guest.

“What do you have in mind?” Is his response. To which my boyfriend gestures to him to lie on his back on the bed.

After this, he bends to my ear and whispers, “are you ready?”

I am.

We’ve been working towards this for months, training my body to fulfil the fantasy of holding two men inside me. I climb onto the bed and straddle across our date. I take his cock in one hand and begin to rub it against my opening, letting our wetness mix and spread.

He seems transfixed, biting his lip and gripping hard on the bed sheets as if he’s afraid to move. I feel powerful as I slowly pull him inside me, inch by inch, until I am sat with the swollen lips of my cunt pushed up against his skin.

My boyfriend comes behind me and places his hands on my hips. Gently, he begins lifting me and pushing me back down; both of us fucking the other man with my body. Our pace quickens and our date begins attempting to thrust his hips under me. I lean forward to steady my self by placing my hand on his shoulder and allowing the angle of his cock to hit my g-spot while I grind my clit against the base.

I move my hips in a circular motion while he thrusts up and down. My boyfriend begins spanking me and with each whack my cunt squeezes against the other man’s cock, almost forcing it out. Gradually his touch becomes lighter and I feel him stroking the skin of my cheeks before zoning in on the bud of my ass.

I hear rather than see the lubricant squirting onto his fingers, followed by the cool wetness as they return to my asshole. Slowly he massages me open and I relax to let the first finger enter me.

I’m barely moving at this point, leaving our date to move himself inside me. Soon my boyfriend has another finger inside me and I feel deep, pleasurable pressure as he begins stroking the tip of our dates cock through the thin layer that separates them.

His fingers are removed and then replaced by his own tip, pushing against me, urging me to open myself and accept him in.

His hands are in my hair, stroking me and whispering, “You’re such a good girl.”

I whimper with pleasure as he moves into me with a gasped, “I fucking love you.

The sensation of being so full is exquisite and I feel myself slipping into pure bliss. I nod at both men who begin thrusting, at first slow, and then faster and faster as my cries of pleasure increase.

I’m desperate to touch my clit but know that the rhythmic contractions of my orgasm will push them out of me and more so than even that, I crave the feeling of both men coming into me and their synchronised shouts of release.

Instead, I focus on the animalistic pants and groans of the two of them, on the intense stare of our date as he shifts his eye contact between the two of us, and of the saltiness of the delicious sweat transferring from my partner onto me as he presses his cheek against mine from behind.

Our date is the first to start slipping towards climax. We watch as he fully loses himself, erratically thrusting his hips and pulling at the skin on my hips and thighs as a series of shouts escape his lips.

The sight of the other man in the throes of pleasure is too much for my boyfriend who begins fucking me with an intensity that tells me the end is in sight. It’s almost too much, but the ecstasy of knowing that both men are receiving such satisfaction from my body brings me close to my own orgasm at that thought alone.

With one last strangled shout, my boyfriend thrusts hard and deep inside me as he finds his release. Both men pull out of me and we all collapse onto the mattress, laughing in between our heavy breathing.

I think that we will probably take a quick break here, but our date guides me onto my front and begins slowly kissing down my back. He licks the mixed sweat of my boyfriend and me, tracing circles on my skin with his tongue.

Eventually, he is at my ass, spreading the cheeks and burrowing his face between them. His tongue dips into my asshole, greedily licking up my boyfriend’s cum. My boyfriend too knows how to show his appreciation and cradles my face, kissing me and telling me how beautiful I am, how sexy I am.

I raise my hips, pressing myself against the face of the other man who is still licking, eager to get every last drop. Once he is satisfied, they both roll me over and sit on either side of my legs. Their hands stroke up and down my thighs as I gyrate my hips and close my legs around them, desperate for my own orgasm.

They are not cruel, and soon one man’s hand is on my clit, rubbing in a circular motion, while the other slips two fingers inside me and curves them towards my g-spot.

I’ve been on the edge for a long time and feel that it’s not going to take long. They both look down on me with glee, enjoying the sounds and my wild facial expressions as I edge closer and closer.

They are stroking my body with their free hands, telling me what a good girl I’ve been. How they can’t wait to once again fill me with their cum.

I’m incoherent, shouting and moaning as I let the waves of pleasure take control of my body. They hold me steady as finally, I feel myself reach climax. My legs stiffen and I manage one last, “fuck!” before I collapse into the bliss.

It’s an out of body experience, one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever experienced, it seems to go on forever as the two of them continue stroking outside and inside, pulling me to smaller peaks again and again and again.

Finally I am still and the two of them wrap their bodies around me. We are a tangle of legs, kisses, and whispered, “thank yous”.

When I find the energy I lift my face to my boyfriend and with a giggle say, “See, no need to be nervous at all!”



Eleanor is a queer, femme-witch and single mama living just south of her Celtic homeland, in North West England. She makes zines, writes poetry and takes pictures of herself in her underwear on Instagram as @hedorahelix. You can find her creatrix work at @lilithites, a feminist sexuality and spirituality space and publication in the making.

You can follow Eleanor on Twitter @hedorhelix and read more from her blog at https://hedorahelix.wordpress.com/

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