His breath was warm on my neck, it smelt of the peppermints he ate to disguise the smell of beer and cigarettes that went hand in hand with his job as bar manager.

I knew that he was a womaniser, everyone did.  I'd consoled friends with wine and chocolate when they realised they had only been Miss Right Now, but I’d still accepted his invitation.  As far as I was concerned he was another no-strings fuck for me, as much as I was for him, I didn't expect more than this night.  Funny thing was that, as he led me into the bar cellar and slipped the blindfold over my eyes I realised that even though we all knew the girls he had been with not one of them had ever said anything about how he fucked.

"I'm not going to pretend I can remember your name, so I'll just call you bitch. You don't have to like it, but if you argue I'll walk away now, okay?"

I nodded my head.  When I'd walked into the bar with my friends that night and his smile and raised eyebrow had told me that I was his choice for the night I had felt like a bitch in heat.  My nipples had tightened under my dress and I had felt the spreading warmth in my cunt.  My clit throbbed as I'd stood at the bar ordering drinks for my friends.

I knew it was all a game and I was happy to play by his rules.

He turned me around, without my sight to help me balance, I wobbled against him a little, he held me and guided me to sit back.  I felt the metal rim of a beer keg against my thighs, a little too high for comfort, I folded back against it, half standing half sitting as he lifted the hem of my skirt.

"Take your knickers down bitch and show me your pussy, don't make me do all the work"

Wriggling I pulled my thong down, I knew he would see the shine of my wetness on it.  Opening my legs I could feel my slick need for him on my fingers as I exposed myself.

I waited.

"Very nice, and because you have such a pretty wet cunt I'm going to be kind to it"

I felt his fingers on me, easily finding my clit and circling around it, flicking and teasing it, making me gasp and hold my breath, afraid to make a noise in case he stopped.  I felt him close the distance between our bodies as he gently entered me with a single finger.  Whispering in my ear as I pushed to meet him.

"My pretty bitch, that feels nice, doesn't it?  I'm not going to be mean to you, I want you to enjoy yourself, open wide for me"

I couldn't refuse, the need to feel him fill me was overwhelming.  The slow withdrawal of one finger and deliberate screwing into me again with two then three had me gasping for breath.  As his mouth closed over mine, my arms were around his neck and I was kissing and panting and clinging to him.

"Let go for me, come for me, I won't stop till you come over my hand."

I needed so little encouragement, splayed on his hand, his pace was perfectly matched to me, I pushed my hips forwards and threw my head back as my orgasm snapped through my body. Sliding back and forth on him.

"Pretty bitch I'm not finished with you"

I was tipped back, feet off the floor, knees up, I guess hooked over his arms, and his hands on my quivering stomach.  Mouth to cunt he started on me again.  With no time to recover from his hand, I was surrendered on his tongue.  Sucking, licking, biting the sensations exploded in me like seeds tossed on a fire and as I lost myself to him again, I stopped trying to think, to only feel and come.

When he finally pulled his mouth from me and spread my own come over me with his kiss I would have done anything for him to not finish, to not send me away.  I was sated by still hungry as if his touch had created a never-ending appetite in me.   His hands closed in my hair and he pulled me off the keg and onto the floor, pushing me onto my hands and knees, the stale smell of beer rose from the rough floorboards as he unzipped and positioned himself behind me.

I tried to push back to swallow him with the cunt he'd made so wet, swollen and ready, but I found myself trapped.  He gripped one hand tight in my hair, pulling my head back as if to encourage my greed for him, but his other palm on my hip stopped me from reaching him.  He rubbed at me with his cock, tipped me toward it and back from it.


"Now you'll find out why it is called doggy style pretty bitch.  There are two conditions to me fucking you.  First, you must never tell anyone what we did, you can say we fucked and that I'm great but never tell the detail.  Secondly, you must bark for me.  One bark to agree not to tell and then one to beg me to fuck you."

Trapped in so many ways, I hesitated only long enough to, lick my lips and deliver two clear barks.

"I want more"

His cock head nudged into me, I could feel the smooth flare of it pushing into my pussy.  I barked again, he pushed further and then I realised, the only way to get my fucking was to bark like the bitch he called me.  So I did. I yipped, I yapped, I wooffed and howled while he fucked into me, hard, fast and feral.  He'd got his prize, his bitch for the night.



Ruth Douglas used to write erotica under the pen name Ruby Kiddell. She is the founder of Eroticon - the UK's conference for sex bloggers and erotica writers. Since selling the event in 2015 she works with growing business in and out of the adult industry to help them build their communities and make more money.

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