Gwyneth Paltrow shared the best vibrators to use during lockdown

Gwyneth Paltrow has positioned herself as the poster child for all things health and sexual wellness, and while her website Goop has had some (read: a lot) of stick, her most recent post about self-pleasure certainly has our nod of approval.

In an article titled: The Best Vibrators for Solo Pleasure and Partner Play, Gwyneth shared a list of her favourite sex toys, as well as various tips and tricks to really nailing self-stimulation while isolating.

The piece starts off explaining just how important the humble clitoris is when masturbating. It has thousands of nerve endings (more than the head of the penis - not that's it's a competition but...) and it's through stimulating the clitoris that most women and people with vaginas reach orgasm.

So what did she recommend sex toy-wise that can stimulate the clitoris and take your self-care during self-isolation up a level?


Wand vibrators

She also recommended wand vibrators, which if you're into power are the perfect sex toy for you. They (usually) plug into the wall because they require so much power and deliver amazing levels of intense vibration. Our fave is the Doxy wand, as it's made in Cornwall and built to last.

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