Masturbation Month with Fetish.com

These days, self-pleasure is more important than ever given that many people are experiencing some form of a lockdown or are isolated from their partner/s. So, as masturbation month draws to a close for another year, we're giving you a hand by sharing some of our favorite masturbation toys to help bring new sensations and excitement to your wanking, all year round. 


Masturbation toy, Doxy massager 3R

Doxy 3R Rechargeable Wand 

Doxy is probably most famous for their original Doxy massager that plugged into the mains and brought some serious power to the bedroom or a BDSM scene. Now, they've taken the same high-quality materials and built a rechargeable wand, meaning - no wires! 

Now you can have all the power of a wand anywhere you like. So if you want to frig yourself to orgasm in your garden or spread-eagled on the sofa, you can do that without having to worry about plugging it in. Just charge up your Doxy 3R before play, and this throbbing creation will give you all the vibrations you'll need, whenever and wherever you desire. 

But don't think this toy is just for people with vulva's either, increasingly penis owners are discovering the joy of well-placed vibrations to get them off. The Doxy 3R also comes with a removable head with the option of adding several attachments including a prostate massager, rabbit vibrator and masturbation sleeve, taking your masturbation joy to a whole new level.

The Doxy 3R brings some serious buzz this masturbation month. It comes with a full-year guarantee, and every part is manufactured or sourced locally to their factory in Cornwall, UK. Doxy is the Rolls Royce of wand massagers!

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