Red or Black - which do you prefer? Meet the new Doxy Number 3 colours

What could be better than a compact, powerful wand massager with interchangeable sex toy heads?

A compact, powerful wand massager with interchangeable sex toy heads that comes in two new colours!

Meet the colourful new members of the Doxy Number 3 massage wand family;

Candy Red and Disco Black

Candy Red Disco Black Doxy Number 3 massage magic wand sex toy


Since launching the Number 3 we've had some great feedback from people who love the smaller handle and head, but still appreciate the familiar Doxy rumble. But one question kept coming up, where are the pretty colours?!

As a company that is built on delivering pleasure to our users, we want to keep you happy. So, this February we're adding two new colours to the Doxy Number 3 range.

Candy Red and Disco Black.

If you've seen the Doxy Die Casts you'll be familiar with the colourful and glossy finish and, for the glitter lovers, we've added even more glitter into the Disco Black for the Number 3.

The new, colourful Number 3 massage wands will be on sale soon and as with the brushed metal wands, you get a free head attachment with every Number 3.

Head over here to shop the range!

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