Roses and Figs

Selena closed one eye and held out her arm, focusing on the end of her paintbrush. The woman lying naked before her on the silk-covered chaise longue was unlike any of her other clients. Usually, when a woman came to her studio for a portrait, they would be nervous, birdlike, twittering with their hands trembling over buttons. Of course, Selena provided a screen and robe to preserve their modesty but still, most were self-conscious and hesitant.

Usually, Selena would discreetly leave to make coffee while they were changing, asking that they make themselves comfortable.

Rose had been different from the start. Before Selena could open the door fully, Rose had breezed past in her thick floor-length cashmere coat.

‘Where do you want me?’ she had declared and opened the coat to reveal a mass of naked flesh. Selena couldn’t help staring as Rose let the single garment slide off her beautifully rounded shoulders and fall to the ground. She stepped out of the bundle of fabric in her heels and walked past the easel and over to the chaise longue. ‘Will this do?’

Tall and curvaceous, Rose was as elegant and graceful as a ballerina and sank softly into the cushions which seemed to catch her and lay her gently on the couch.

Her pose was effortless and natural; she required no direction at all. Selena could only give a small shrug and whisper, ‘That’s perfect.’

Rose’s presence filled not only the sofa but the whole room and Selena found herself feeling quite overwhelmed. She had never met anyone as self-assured as this sensual, mighty woman.

The canvas seemed vast and empty and, for the first time ever, Selena thought she might have stage fright.

‘Shall we begin?’ She smiled at Rose and retreated behind the easel trying to compose herself. Relax, relax, it’s just the same as all the other times. All you need to do is paint. Selena lifted her inked brush and held it out in front of her, repeating her usual mantra, Paint what you see, paint what you see.

But what she saw was magnificent. Rose had complete command over her body and had placed herself into a pose that showed off every curve and tone to perfection. Every angle, every joint, fingertip, toe had been very carefully and deliberately placed to display her Rubenesque figure beautifully.

Selena always had a bowl of fruit featured somewhere in her paintings, a throwback from art school where still life and life drawings were her favourite. She’d always thought the flesh of fruit and flesh of the human was a beautiful combination. It was now obvious that Rose felt the same; she had lifted out some grapes and figs and had them cradled in the crook of her arm spilling onto her breast and nipple. Selena took another breath and gazed at the scene. She looked up briefly from Rose’s chest and caught her eye. Rose gave her a cheeky smile and squeezed her elbow in a little to push the fruit and breast out even more. Selena realised her arm was still in the same outstretched position and getting a cramp. She took the measurement and went to make the first mark on her page. Her brush hovered and her mind seemed to stop. All she could do was stare at the pure white of the canvas. Just paint.

When Selena had finally composed herself, she took one quick glimpse then swept her brush across the page. The first stroke was always the most awkward, the blank canvas the most difficult part to navigate. She looked at the line. Good. It was good. Strong and compelling. Just like her subject. Selena was desperately trying not to admit to herself that she was becoming aroused by this incredibly sensual woman lying in front of her. She knew she was hiding behind the easel, taking far too long – she was a professional for God’s sake – the sketching should be done by now!

She could hear a soft moist noise coming from the sofa and she carefully looked round. Rose had a very ripe fig pressed up against her lips and the juice was sliding down her chin and onto her chest. Rose watched Selena watching the succulent flesh slip slowly towards her nipple. Selena was transfixed. The juice and pips made it to Rose’s nipple and her chest rose as the dark pink skin tightened and puckered. Oh my God, thought Selena as she looked up at Rose’s hooded eyes, she’s trying to turn me on! She retreated once more and swiped at the canvas with her brush, furiously trying to shake off her lustful feelings. It was no good. She peeked again only to see that Rose had shifted her buttocks slightly and let her leg drop open revealing a mist of hair between her thighs. She was greedily sucking the last of the fig from its skin and tossed it on the floor. She reached for another and eased herself further down the sofa, arching her back and stretching out like a cat.

‘I’m sorry,’ muttered Selena, ‘but you can’t keep moving about. I’ve already marked your previous pose.’

‘Oh, I’m sorry, honey.’ Rose’s voice was thick and purring. She sighed and shifted her body saying, ‘Was I like this?’

Rose was facing Selena full on with her legs eased apart. The fruit had fallen from her chest and had come to rest between her thighs. Rose plucked out a grape and popped it in her mouth staring at Selena all the while. Selena began to burn.

‘No. Maybe I should come and re-position you.’

‘If you think it will help.’ Rose smiled, letting her head fall back slightly as Selena approached.

Selena’s hands were trembling as she patted the headrest of the chaise longue. ‘You’re head was up here.’

‘Was it?’ Rose held out her arm for Selena to help ease her back up. Selena locked elbows and shivered as she felt the strength in the muscles beneath the soft undulating flesh. Rose still had the fig in her hand and it brushed past Selena’s shirt as she released her grip. Selena felt the damp material cling to her breast and busied herself arranging Rose’s hair.

‘Oops, sorry,’ Rose said, allowing herself to be positioned. ‘I seem to have got fig all over you.’

‘Don’t worry about it.’ Selena continued to primp and manoeuvre, but as she did so she felt Rose’s hand cup her left breast. Selena needed to make a decision. Her nipples stiffened as Rose lightly brushed one with her thumb. Oh my God. Selena was frozen to the spot. Nothing like this had ever happened to her and she had no idea what to do. She focused on Rose’s hair which she had fanned out onto the headrest and pretended not to notice the heat that was spreading through her pelvis.

Selena was still staring at Rose’s hair when she felt her nipple dampen; she chanced a quick look and saw that Rose was pressing half a fig onto her breast. Selena let herself relax slightly as the fruit was massaged and squeezed onto her through her shirt. Her legs wobbled and she adjusted her feet to keep balance. Rose kept rubbing and the fig was warming up, juice trickling down Selena’s chest and stomach to her waistband.

‘Do you know, honey,’ Rose spoke softly, ‘in some cultures, men practise cunnilingus on figs.’

‘Really?’ Selena could only squeak her response as Rose kept teasing and massaging her, more quickly now, and rough.

‘Have you ever tried?’

‘Figs?’ Selena was really off balance now and had to take more weight with her arms on the chaise longue. Her breasts were now hovering close to Rose’s face and she could smell the sticky fruit on her breath.

‘No, honey, not figs.’ Rose slowly leant in and removed the fig from Selena’s breast and replaced it with her mouth. Selena gasped as warmth engulfed her while Rose suckled and tongued her nipple through her cotton shirt. She gave in to the soft, glorious feeling of having another woman suck her. She looked down and watched Rose’s lips pucker and release while she gently groaned.

Rose’s groans were getting more intense and Selena could see her body bucking and heaving beneath her. She looked lower to see that Rose’s hand had rolled down between her thighs, leaving a trail of sticky fig juice all the way. She could see her rubbing herself between her thighs with the fruit, round and round, all the while sucking at Selena’s breast.

Selena made her decision. She wanted more. She pushed herself to her feet and undid the buttons of her shirt and pulled it off.

‘Atta girl,’ purred Rose and pulled Selena back towards her with her free hand. Selena’s naked breast swayed straight back into Rose’s mouth and she engulfed it in hot wet saliva. Selena let out a yelp and fell to her knees as Rose nibbled her with teeth, but it felt so good. Selena felt her knickers grow hot and moist and clamped her thighs together to try and get some relief. She ground her pelvis into the side of the chaise longue.

Rose reached up and took Selena’s hand in her fig-covered fingers. She held it tight and slowly pulled it down towards her crotch. Selena hesitated; she had never felt another woman before.

‘It’s all right, honey,’ Rose assured her, ‘you’ll be good.’

Selena relaxed a little and let Rose take control once more. She clasped her fig-stained fingers and pushed them onto her downy mound. Rose brought her knees up and parted them. Selena could feel the slippery skin on her fingertips and Rose held her more tightly, guiding her down between her lips. Round and round over the hard bud went her hands. Rose was moving herself in time with the motion and Selena could feel her heat and wetness intensify. Rose’s hand gripped hers tightly and Selena gasped as Rose pushed her fingers deep inside her. Selena managed to release her thumb and began to tentatively rub Rose’s clitoris round and round like before. Rose groaned and took her hands from around Selena’s. Selena massaged Rose more quickly with her fingers buried deep inside and her thumb teasing her bud. The walls of Rose’s pussy began to buck and spasm around their fingers and Selena felt a gush of warmth engulf her hand and trickle down her wrist. She left her hand for a few more moments covered in fig and love juice while Rose twitched and contracted back to calm.

Selena was panting and confused – Had that really just happened? She looked up at Rose who returned her gaze with a flushed radiant smile.

Selena stood up to go back to her painting but Rose reached out and pulled her by the hem of her skirt. She sat upright and ran her hands up Selena’s thighs, pushing her skirt over her hips.

‘Your turn, honey.’ She grinned and hooked her index finger into Selena’s panties, pulling them to the side.

Selena shivered as she watched the thick mass of Rose’s hair lean in towards her. I am an artist, she said to herself, I need to know about these things. There was no going back now and Selena slid her feet further apart. Rose’s nose nuzzled in to her, breathing in her fragrance. Selena felt a jolt of electricity as Rose’s tongue darted on to her clitoris. It was so quick, so strange, so exciting. A rush of want gushed in her pelvis and she rocked towards Rose’s face. She noticed one of Rose’s hands leave her thigh and watched as it slid along to the discarded fruit from earlier. Selena watched Rose grapple for a grape and took it back towards her pussy. Rose looked up to Selena and put the grape to her lips, and seductively bit it in half. She took one of the halves and gently opened Selena’s vulva and rubbed her with the cool fruit.

The hairs on Selena’s arms and neck stood up as Rose sucked the grape from her bud and replaced it with her tongue. She couldn’t help but grasp handfuls of the voluptuous woman’s hair and draw her into her. Rose’s tongue flicked and danced on her clit but Selena needed more. The walls of her pussy ached to grip something, anything! As if reading her thoughts, Rose reached out for another grape and held it between her fingertips. Slowly, while still licking her clitoris, she ran the grape around the entrance to Selena’s pussy. Round and round she teased; Selena thought she would scream until, at last, she eased the grape into the yearning cave of Selena. Her cunt twitched around the fruit and had she’d never felt so turned on. Rose, still holding the grape, pushed it in and out in rhythm with her licking.

‘Harder!’ shrieked Selena before she could stop herself and raked her nails into Rose’s scalp. Rose didn’t need any more encouragement and quickened her pace and strength, sliding her tongue and fingers into every part of Selena. With one last hard thrust, Selena’s body went rigid while she shuddered to a climax on top of Rose. Energy drained from her and she slumped to her knees in front of Rose. Rose slid her fingers from Selena and popped the grape into her mouth, savouring its slippery warmth.

‘Mmm,’ she said, easing herself back onto the chaise longue. ‘Now, where were we?’

Selena, exhausted, pulled herself up with her elbows beside Rose. ‘I was re-positioning you,’ she panted and flopped her head onto Rose, laughing.

Rose nudged Selena to her feet and started to rearrange herself. Selena picked up her shirt and went behind her easel to dress. She suddenly felt very naked with her skirt hitched up and no top on. When she had composed herself and picked up her paintbrush ready to continue, she peered around her easel. To her astonishment, Rose was in the exact place as before, grapes in the crook of her arm and a fig poised at her lips.

Selena trembled with post-orgasm dizziness. The palette felt heavy in her arms and she struggled to regain her focus. She gave herself a shake. I am a professional, she told herself and took a deep breath. Rose lay on the chaise longue as calm and as self-composed as ever. Selena swept the brush across the canvas.

As Selena added the final strokes, Rose stretched and got to her feet, scattering fruit over the floor. She pulled on her cashmere coat and turned to look at the painting.

‘Not bad, honey,’ she said. ‘Not bad at all.’ And with that, she breezed past Selena once more and out through the front door.

Later, when the paints and brushes were cleaned and the room had been put to rights, Selena’s hand hovered over the fruit bowl. She couldn’t resist picking up a soft ripe fig and putting it to her lips...



Tabitha Rayne is an artist, author and sex blogger at TabithaRayne.com – she has a passion for all things sensual and is a huge orgasm fan. She invented the award-winning Ruby Glow, a hands-free ride on vibrator as seen on This Morning with Holly & Phil ;) She believes orgasms can help lift our mood and enhance our overall well being. She started the #30DayOrgasmFun project on Twitter where she’s quite chatty  @TabithaErotica


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