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FAQs about Doxy Massager sex toys

What is the difference between a Doxy Massager and a Doxy Die Cast?

The main difference is the body of the Doxy Massager is made from ABS plastic and the Doxy Die Cast is made from cast aluminium/titanium alloy.

This means that the Die Cast is heavier. Also, the Die Cast has a harder (silicone) head cover giving a different feel to the vibration. The Die Cast features LED lit buttons.

How many speeds does Doxy have?

The speed control on all Doxy products gives a continuous progression. There is no set number of speed settings.

Does Doxy have any pattern settings?

Yes. All Doxy products have a variable escalating pulse setting.

When your Doxy product is switched off, turn it on by holding the power button down for three seconds before releasing. You are now in the variable pulse setting which can be controlled using the plus and minus buttons.

To return to continual vibration turn off the unit using the power button and turn it on again with a short press on the power button.

How should I care for my Doxy?

Unplug your unit when not in use. Use a disinfectant spray or sex toy cleaner with a soft cloth to clean the Doxy after use. Do not leave the head cover in direct contact with any hard surface or in direct sunlight when stored.

What is the head made from?

The grey head cover of the Doxy Massager is manufactured in the UK from a medical grade PVC. It is non-porous and is body-safe.

The black head of the Doxy Die Cast is made from pure silicone and is body-safe. The head cover is not designed to be removed.

How powerful is the Doxy?

The Doxy Massager and Doxy Die Cast both operate at approximately 20 Watts. The top speed of the vibrating head is approximately 9000 RPM.

Can I use my Doxy abroad?

All Doxy products operate safely at all voltages. A travel adaptor is all you need to use your Doxy overseas.

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