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Celebrating Masturbation May with Doxy

What is Masturbation May?

Masturbation May is a month-long celebration dedicated to self-love and sexual health, originating from Masturbation Day, first declared on May 7, 1995. This event was initiated by the Good Vibrations sex shop in San Francisco as a response to the firing of Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, who suggested including masturbation in sex education. Over time, this celebration expanded to encompass the entire month of May, encouraging individuals to embrace and destigmatize masturbation.


Die Cast Review

“Easily the best orgasms she’s had in her life”

To celebrate ten years (TEN YEARS!) of this kickass sex toy brand, they’re launching an initiative to support breast cancer awareness in the UK, and donating a portion of the profits from every special wand that is sold. These incredibly beautiful Doxy wands are sold in gorgeous, fuckproud hot pink to immediately draw the eye of anyone lucky enough to be invited into your bedroom...

...When I first turned the Doxy Die Cast on, my overriding response was fear, either of breaking it or myself. ‘Surely, surely this level of power wasn’t safe for either of us,’ I thought. And it certainly took some gentle exploration to discover which parts of my genitals it could be applied to without causing instant overstimulation, even on its lowest setting.




Once I found those sweet spots, I was away.

The Doxy Die Cast allows for either a constant hum – which at its lowest setting feels like the very earth beneath you is shaking and at its highest makes you think that you, it and everything in the surrounding vicinity is going to explode – or a steady pulse, the speed of which you can increase or decrease at your behest. At its fastest, the vibrations thrusting into and stimulating different parts of my anatomy in quick succession made it feel for all the world like it was physically fucking me in my as-yet-unmade vagina.

Needless to say, when I finally came it felt like my girldick was flying off my body in a bid for freedom.

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Blog post written by Jenby for Girl On The Net
1st May 2024

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