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What are the model differences?

The main difference is the body of the Doxy Original being made from ABS plastic and the Doxy Die Cast is made from cast aluminium/titanium alloy. This means that the Die Cast is heavier unit, great for positioning for a handsfree experience or those with restricted mobility. The large Die Cast has features LED lit buttons and slightly heavier weights inside to give it more of a deep rumbling vibration. Its hard to give a power difference, but would say around 20% more power than the Original. With this model you get a luxury keepsake box. The Doxy Die Cast 3 and 3R are smaller version of the Die Cast. Made from the same materials and function the same. Although this model has a smaller motor, because it is made from aluminium we are able to put much heavier weights inside than you would a plastic body. The head is smaller and therefore the surface area is smaller, thus giving the sensation of matched power. If you were to compare the Original and the Doxy 3 models, the Doxy 3 would be around 25% decreased power sensation. However, more than enough to get the job done! The Doxy Die Cast 3 and 3R - The power is exactly the same. With the plug-in version you have that power until the end of time... With the rechargeable version, you will get around 1hour on full power.

How many speeds does the Doxy have?

The speed control on all Doxy products gives a continuous progression. There is no set number of speed settings. Press or hold the increase or decrease buttons to cycle up or down to find your favourite intensity.

Does the Doxy have any patterns settings?

Yes. All Doxy products have a variable escalating pulse setting. When your Doxy product is switched off, turn it on by holding the power button down for three seconds before releasing. You are now in the variable pulse setting which can be controlled using the plus and minus buttons. To return to continual vibration turn off the unit using the power button and turn it on again with a short press on the power button.

What models do the attachments fit on?

The attachments are exclusively designed to work with the Doxy Die Cast 3 (small metal wand) and the Doxy Die Cast 3R (small metal rechargeable wand) - They will NOT fit larger models - Doxy Original  or the Die Cast.

What is a wand massager for?

The wand massager is the holy grail of sexy toys! A perfect all rounder... It is known for POWER! No messing around, deep rumbly power! It is discrete and not non-phallic. A wand can be used as an all over body massager or concentrated intense moments in your intimate areas. The perfect toy to use solo or with a couple.

I have a penis, can I use a wand?

YES! Rest the head of the wand right on the underside of the tip of your penis. Thank us later ;-)


How should I clean my Doxy?

Unplug your unit when not in use. Our silicone is 100% body-safe, non porous, platinum grade - This means an antibacterial hand soap with warm water is enough to clean your product. Do not rinse under water as splashes could get inside the unit. Use a cloth to wipe the unit down before and after use. You can also use a sex toy cleaner to further sanitise your Doxy as well.

What is the head made from?

On all our massagers we use is 100% body-safe, platinum grade silicone. The head cover is not designed to be removed on the Die Cast (large metal) or the Doxy Original (large plastic). The DoxyDie Cast 3 (small metal) and the Doxy Die Cast 3R (rechargeable) has a head that can be unscrewed to fit attachments.

Can I use lube with my Doxy?

Yes, lube can be used with Doxy on the head only. Be sure to only use water-based lubricant. Be careful not to get lube near the buttons. We offer two great water-based lubricants - One specifically for anal play and one for everything else. See our option here.


Is my Doxy waterproof?

No. We are a mains operated product and cannot be used near water. The Doxy Die Cast 3R (rechargeable) is also NOT waterproof. Ejaculate in moderation is okay as long as you clean the product thoroughly after use. If you are prone to excessive ejaculation, sliding a condom over the head and down the shaft can act as a protective barrier.

Can I use my Doxy in other countries?

All Doxy products operate safely at all voltages. Buying directly with Doxy, we provide you with 4 plug adapters that slide on. UK, EU, US and AU/NZ.

How powerful is the Doxy?

The Doxy Original and Doxy Die Cast both operate at approximately 20 Watts. The top speed of the vibrating head is approximately 9000 RPM. Put more simply, the Doxy Die Cast has the reputation as being the world's most powerful wand massager. We achieve this by having a solid cast metal head underneath a soft silicone head. Allowing us to put heavier counter weights inside to produce a really deep, penetrating rumbly vibration. Not a high pitched tinny, hallow surface vibration.

My Doxy turns off in use?

For additional safety, we have programmed the Doxy to turn off after 20 minutes. If you are still playing, don't worry, just hit the power button again and continue where you left off.

Shipping & Returns

How much is shipping?

Breakdown of shipping costs: UK Free of charge when you spend over £35.00 Standard Delivery 2 – 3 days despatch with Royal Mail Tracked & Signed 48 = £3.99 **Currently not available** Express Delivery 1 day despatch with Royal Mail Tracked & Signed 24 = £5.99 Europe Free of charge when you spend over £89.99 Standard Delivery 2 – 3 days despatch with UPS 2 day transit = £8.00 **Currently not available** Express Delivery 1 day despatch with UPS Express Saver 1 day transit = £15.00 USA / Australia & Rest of World Free of charge when you spend over £129.99 Standard Delivery 2 – 3 days despatch with Royal Mail Tracked & Signed (5-7 day transit time) = £12.00

How will my order ship?

We care about your privacy and so package all our products in plain packaging with no branding or distinguishing information. UK – Orders are sent out using Royal Mail Tracked & Signed. Europe – Orders are sent out using UPS Tracked. USA/Australia & Rest of World – Orders are sent out using Royal Mail Tracked & Signed. Overseas orders that require any customs forms will be completed with “back massager” or “body massager”. We Ship Orders Monday to Thursday - Please Check Our Packaging & Delivery Page For More Information.

Where do you ship from?

Right now all orders are shipping from our UK warehouse in Cornwall, England. We can ship worldwide except for a few countries. At checkout you will see your shipping options.

Can I return my Doxy?

Due to the nature of the product, we can only accept a return if you have NOT unwrapped the sealed plastic wrap. If this is unopened, you can return your product within 14 days. Please see our returns page for more detail.

What is my warranty?

We offer a 12 month warranty service. Outside of the 12 months we can offer a repair or replace service for a cost. If you have an issue with your product, please see our warranty page for more information.

Die Cast 3R

My product won't turn on?

Firstly check you have charged your Doxy. If it flashes, then it is likely in travel lock mode. To unlock, press & hold minus and the power button for 4 seconds. It will flash green.

How long does it take to charge?

If the Doxy 3R is fully flat, then a full charge can take 3-4 hours. You will then get 1 hour on full power. Trust us, you won't need 1 hour!

I can't find my charging cable?

Sometimes during transit the cable can move around the box - Lift up the base where your Doxy sits and see if it has slid under.


Where do I put my discount code?

When you get to checkout you can add your discount code. These are not compatible with any offers.

Why doesn't my discount code work?

Discount codes cannot be combined with any other onsite offers. Please also check the valid dates.

Can I get my Doxy personalised?

Yes - You can now customise your Doxy by choosing the body colour, collar finish, button and silicone head cover colours! On each of our wand massager pages you will be able to select "customise" - Learn more here

Why should I choose Doxy over another wand?

Doxy is the only metal wand on the market. It is also the only wand to have a full internal metal head. This means we can put more power through it which translates into much deeper rumbly vibrations. Metal also means it's practically indestructible.

Why are the photos different shades of colour?

We use a combination of computer render images and real product photography. As each Doxy is hand painted, the shade can differ. This makes Doxy unique that no product is 100% the same.
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