Die Cast Wand Massager Review


“Easily the best orgasms she’s had in her life”

I’ve had so many brushes with Doxies over the years. As a professional pornster I’ve appeared onscreen with them once or twice, and had the odd one used on me in scenes, but I’ve never possessed one of my own before.

So where better to start than with the new Doxy Die Cast Wand Massager, a limited edition to raise awareness of breast cancer and mark the company’s tenth anniversary.

The first thing that struck me about this particular Doxy was the colour. I opted for ‘hot pink’ which, and I cannot stress this enough, I think is deeply underselling this rod of practically fluorescent neon magenta flecked with multicoloured glitter that makes everything else in the room appear frankly drab in comparison.

There’s no danger of losing this bad boy in a crowd.

Next, the weight. It’s the heaviest vibe I’ve ever held, and if I were to drop it I’m sure it would leave a dent in pretty much anything but itself. Of all my sex toys, this would be my murder weapon of choice.

The buttons are a good size and sensitive enough that you can turn it on and off and nudge the intensity of the vibrations in whatever direction you fancy with the lightest of touches, which for someone with long nails is an unhoped for luxury. The flip side is that very occasionally it will get switched off if your throes become too impassioned, but this is only really a problem if you aren’t a fan of edging, and if that’s you then my opinion on anything will probably be of very little worth to you.

When I first turned the Doxy Die Cast on, my overriding response was fear, either of breaking it or myself. ‘Surely, surely this level of power wasn’t safe for either of us,’ I thought. And it certainly took some gentle exploration to discover which parts of my genitals it could be applied to without causing instant overstimulation, even on its lowest setting.




Once I found those sweet spots, I was away.

The Doxy Die Cast allows for either a constant hum – which at its lowest setting feels like the very earth beneath you is shaking and at its highest makes you think that you, it and everything in the surrounding vicinity is going to explode – or a steady pulse, the speed of which you can increase or decrease at your behest. At its fastest, the vibrations thrusting into and stimulating different parts of my anatomy in quick succession made it feel for all the world like it was physically fucking me in my as-yet-unmade vagina.

Needless to say, when I finally came it felt like my girldick was flying off my body in a bid for freedom.

I tried my new toy both pressing down on my clit from above and nestled in my perineum and can confirm that they produce very different climaxes, the first being the flashier of the two and the latter more muted, having a quality of radiating out from within and gently thudding into any erogenous spot it can find, which is perhaps better suited to a lazy early morning wank (of the kind I was having at the time).

Eager to give my new toy a spin on my go-to vulva owner, I invited my girlfriend Star over to see how she fared with it.

Fair to say, even better than I did.

It’s no secret that vibes feel better when applied to padding, so in an unheard of move, we traded roles for the day, I diapered her up, straddled her and pressed the head of the wand to her cushioned cunt, causing vibrations to spread and reverberate through her whole pelvic region with ease.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen her come more quickly. And I’m not talking about her usual fare: I’m talking a full-on eye-rolling, spasming, practically-levitating-from-demonic-possession crescendo which elicited the kind of sounds you’d more readily expect to hear from… well, me. I’m convinced it was only the fact of my sitting astride her which kept her from flying off the bed.

Then, after a brief pause, I gave her another one.

I feel like this is the best way to experience this toy. It seldom stays put by itself, no matter what the setting, so if you want to keep it from merrily roving all over your hapless nether-regions, it’s best to have a hot girl (or person of your preferred gender) on top of you pinning it and you in place, and leaving at least three hands free to stimulate boobs or lips or any other vulnerable areas that take your fancy. Or, if that amount of hands sounds like too much, have them lash the toy to your thigh and tie your arms above your head, then pull up a chair and enjoy the show.

For Star’s part, we could neither of us remember the last time she’d come twice in one day, and by her own admission they were easily the best orgasms she’d ever had in her life.

So that’s not too bad, I’d say.

Would prob recommend.

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